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check_diskusagelocal - nagios plugin for checking disk fill status


check_diskusagelocal [ -A(0|1|2|3|4) ] -w warnlevel -c critlevel [ -u unit ]


check_diskusagelocal is a nagios plugin for checking disk(s) fill status. It checks all mounted local disks and takes the highest fill value in percent to compare it to the warning and critical threshold.


-w warnlevel
Specify the warning level. The value must be greater than the warnlevel to trigger.

-c critlevel
Specify the critical level. The value must be greater than the critlevel to trigger.

-u unit
Specify an optional unit string which is placed after the remote value and which is visible in nagios.

Specify the level of the remote value which must be reached to print the additional data. "-A0" causes printing if state is "OK" and "-A4" will disable printing. "-A1" is currently the default setting.

Return Value

According to the Nagios Plugin API the Return Code is 0 for state "OK", 1 for "WARNING", 2 for "CRITICAL" and "3" for "UNKNOWN".

See Also

check_remote_by_http(1) , knoerred(1) , knoerre(1)


Frank Bergmann, udp://

Table of Contents