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chownu - change file owner with CAP_CHOWN securely


chownu [-R] [-d depth] username [file(s)]


chownu changes file ownership without having root permissions. Its name may be understood as "chown user" or "chown u" (u like the greek letter micro).
chownu requires the capability CAP_CHOWN to be run ("setcap cap_chown=ep chownu").
The ID of the username supplied is looked up in /etc/passwd.
chown refuses to run if the ID is 0 or below MINUID (default: 500) or above MAXUID (default: 9999). MINUID and MAXUID can be specified at compile time.
chown ignores any files with an owner ID of 0 or below MINUID or above MAXUID.
Symlinks are not followed but taken as files and get also the owner changed if above criteria match.


Step recursively into directories.
-d depth
Specify the maximum recursion depth. Default is 50.

Return Value

On success 0 is returned. Other return values are described in sysexits.h.


chownu -R puppet deploy-dir


Frank Bergmann

Table of Contents