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chrootuser - run a command chrooted as given user


chrootuser user dir command [options]


This tool executes a given command chrooted like chroot(8) . Unlike chroot you must specify an user account to switch to after chrooting. Mapping of user name to user id will be done before chroot() call.
As a special case the capabilities CAP_SYS_CHROOT and CAP_SYS_MODULE will be removed if a user with UID 0 will be specified. To support this your kernel must be >= 2.6.25. But don’t rely on proper removing the capabilities. Don’t start any black or evil software with this. A chroot environment is not a jail. You have been warned.

Return Value

The return value is 1 if forking failed otherwise 0.


chrootuser nobody /usr/chroot php -i


Frank Bergmann,

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