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(Since 2011-08-10 the package ngtx contains all nagios-fwb tools. ngtx is the successor of nagios-fwb and sac-tools.)

Some nagios check tools for Linux and a remote check http-server as NRPE-/SNMP-alternative. License is GPL v2.

Some little man-pages are included. For more information please take a look at the sources, which are written and tested on Linux 2.6 x86.

Binaries in the package are statically linked with the dietlibc (excluding some *.asm sources). This package should work with every linux distro.

Since snapshot 0.4-20080602 the package also contains test-programs which I used to compare the performance of my http-remote-checks vs. NRPE and SNMP. Remote-checks by http are up to approx. 200 times faster than an "unpatched" snmpd and check_snmp. For more information please look at nagios-remote-performance. Since 2010-05-27 another alternative remote monitoring tool is included: knoerred, an experimental udp remote server.

Another simple test with /usr/bin/time lead to the following impressive results (fastest of 1000 results overnight was taken):

The memory footprints of knoerre and pyrre (aka knoerre in Python) are low. When compiled with dietlibc and sstriped knoerre's file size is about 50KB and many "modules" can be removed from knoerre with '#undef' at compile time.

Someone called knoerre the "swiss army knife of linux monitoring". Thanks, Daniel. :-)

Since 2010-10-27 a single remote UDP multi-check request uses only 3 syscalls to return data. Only a kernel module may be faster than this.

Please note that this package is still experimental, lacks documentation and has dirty merge-all-over source code which must be cleaned up until yesterday. Please ignore the fact that the software in this package runs fast and without any trouble for some years on many hundred hosts and more than 30000 checks. ;-)

Some man-pages of included tools:

A sample screenshot: nagios-screenshot.gif

Read more about it at Monitoring/nagios-fwb

Latest Version: Please look at ngtx

Since 2011-08-10 sac-tools and nagios-fwb merged into ngtx. 2011-11-09
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