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(Since 2011-08-10 the package ngtx contains sac-tools. ngtx is the successor of nagios-fwb and sac-tools.)

The SysAdmin's C Tools are some small tools written in C.

The sac-tools are primarily written to make sysadmin's daily work more easy. Most of them are written to be used in bash scripts. These tools are also written for educational purposes showing the usage of "C" for sysadmin's daily work.

sfgrep is a very fast brute-force (no BM or BMH) string searching tool which outperforms GNU-grep merciless.

Latest Version: Please look at ngtx
Since 2011-08-10 sac-tools and nagios-fwb are merged into ngtx.

RPM packs built on Fedora6/RHEL5 (for many RHEL/Fedora-Versions): sac-tools-20110710-1.i386.rpm sac-tools-20110710-1.src.rpm

Debian package: sactools_0.0.20110416-1_i386.deb

OpenWRT packages: sac-tools_20110416-1_avr32.ipk (AVR32, Atmel NGW100)
sac-tools_20110416-1_ar71xx.ipk (MIPS, TP-LINK Gigabit Router TL-WR1043ND)

Some sac-tools built for MacOS 10.4 PPC: sac-tools-20110416-darwin-ppc-bin.tgz

Slides can be found in the docs-section.

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